Stand up to animal neglect

We act like we want to make the world a better place

But we turn a blind eye to the problems that the animals face.

We love carriage rides,

But would you like to be whipped and scared?

We always pretend that we care,

But millions of animals are abused and we think it's just fair.


ASPCA makes us cry with their commercials,

But we still act like it’s a dress rehearsal.


Millions of animals are abandoned and abused,

It won't cost anything to help,

But instead, they are beaten and bruised.


The truly forgotten,

Are the ones that “served.”

They were used for tests,

and target practice and war tactics.

Peace has always come at a great cost,

But was it worth the lives that were lost?


Animals need someone to take a stand.

Don't do it because you are forced,

But because it was by choice,

And see how the world will laugh and rejoice.

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Our world
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