My Little Gremlin


 A slight thud  

as I shut my door.

Pitter patter

of paws coming toward me. 

A strangled small meow 

of a grey and white kitten 

looking up at me with longing eyes

head tilted a little to the left. 

Another mew of the constant loud meowing

that seems to follow me everywhere

even behind closed doors.  

The sound of clicking 

as I grit my teeth in irritation. 

A crick in my neck

as I look down at Gizmo.

A small smile stretches my lips

as I reach down scooping up

the now vibrating purring kitten.

A small creak

of an old couch

as I sink in

with small Gizmo on my chest.

A light plop

as his tiny fuzzy head lays on my chest.

A soft sound 

of purring and petting 

fill the otherwise silent room. 

All stress and anxiety vanish 

as I lay there with the one thing 

that can make me happy

no matter what. 





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