What Is Love?

Love, what is love ? 

Is it a person? 

Is it a place?

Is it a thing ?

Can love be measured? 

How do you know you don't have enough love?

Is love kind?

Is love gentle?

Is love beautiful?

Does love light up a room?

Is love unhappy?

Is love angry?

What is love?

I want to know ?

Where  can I find this thing called love ?

Is love the key to the soul?

Can love cure the world?

Can love be found on a map?

Love if you can hear me send me a sign of how to find you.

Is love broken?

Does love hurt?

Is love real or is it just a word that people say?

Is love selfish?

Does love hurt?

Love, what is love?




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Paul T

I noticed how every line (except for one) contains the word "love". I don't know who you are, but if you're always searching for love, you're never gonna find it. I know that that doesn't make any sense, but then again love doesn't make sense either. What is love? The world may never know.


ok thanks paul


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