Goddess of the Hunt

Clouds of dust swirl through the hot desert sky

The unforgiving sun radiating its disapproval

As the fearsome beast is brought to the ground

Blood draining from its heaving chest.


Predatory eyes flash in spite of the injury

And it bares its prized fangs in open defiance

Before another shot rips through the air

Ending the cascade of labored breaths.


Smoke rises from the end of the gun barrel

Held by a creature wearing a wicked expression

Which it masks behind a proud facade

But is not missed by the huntress’s gaze.


Shouts of triumph briefly drown out

The sound of an arrow singing through the wind

And the creature looks down in surprise

At the torrent of red spilling from its breast.


Its knees hit the sand with a soft thump

And it raises its head to the heavens

Imploring eyes begging the gods above

For salvation, for deliverance.


The goddess approaches the bent creature

Watching it succumb to its own bleeding heart

And no mercy emanates from her burning stare

As Artemis slings her bow across her back.

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