A Bird's Cry


United States
46° 12' 52.1028" N, 120° 17' 45.8844" W

As I fly through the dazzling sky,
I watch as life goes by.
With busy streets and lots of people, I notice the ignorance that occurs toward the beauty of nature, placing my kind in lots of danger.
With business’ decrease in product and lust over currency,
I cannot understand how their day is so easy compared to mine; especially with their futures certainty.
Each day is a mystery as I go in search of survival and the following is the same.
I am a predator, who watches its prey from afar,
Who traces each step and waits for the essential moment in which I must act.
Nothing could keep me apart,
With the constant change in environment, I must adapt.
Yet these humans treat my home, my family as intruders that take up room.
They’ll never understand I changed my lifestyle and put it on resume.
However, I fly away to the depths of the world and just watch as nature continues to bloom.


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