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As humans. We can get things ourselves.

We have thumbs

I aspire to be a veteranarian.

I can accomplish this goal on my own

...But what about those who are helpless

Like newborn babies

What about those who are easily neglected

What about these animals?

The ones who we keep as pets

Who we injure and maybe even kill for fun

We do everything possible to harm them

Pain. Not once does it cross our mind

They cannot speak to us.

They can only attempt to fight back and hope we hear their cries

We as humans need to speak up for them

Fight FOR them

And for the love of God

For the love of these beautiful creatures

Give them the hands that they need to SURVIVE

I aspire to be a pair of those hands

This will not only change my life

But also make their lives better

Being able to help an animal go to sleep AND reawaken

That is truly the best feeling

I aspire to be those hands




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