As a Vegan in Progress

Dear Animals,

I’m sorry.


Sorry for that pain that I’ve caused

From your dying screams

To the melodic tapestry of a cheese tastery

Mahogany walls dripping with class

Pungent and rich,

Creamy delicacies melting in the mouth with the slight tang of

The broken love of a mother’s milk


From your bleeding skins

To the shining leather bags that I carry so proudly

Gucci and Versace,

Glistening gold, the veil of luxury

a dream, and hope

So quickly denied

By the concrete walls of the dark, damp, dens

of the ghost-life and death.


From the smell of fear and pain and sickness

To the smell of freshly fried wings, and the roasted turkey

Spices so sweet and salty, mixed in a exuberant mixture

Of family

And happy.

Something you’ve never known.


I’m sorry.



It's hard to hear

The silent scream

wrapped around my neck

A layer of furry warmth


Hard to see the masks we put on

Cranberry lipsticks, holographic highlighters

Rainbows picked, prepared and produced,

Promised potions of youth.

Were first injected in you

Angry welts, boils bursting, milky and sunken eyes

veins protrude in everlasting agony

See how far your body would protest

Before it would fail

For our safety.


I’m sorry.


It’s not over.

But, I promise

I’ll try.


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Our world
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