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    Marred cement   Defaced creamy sentiment   Dessicated arid air caressed the hairs on my tinted skin  
Why is it that all people seeIs evilness and crueltyIn our world today?It might be because our world is full of nothingbut cruelty and evilness.
When the time gets tough Seems like there's no light  to shine, You will be alone at the darkest night. But there's always stars that shine with bright light, And when you look at them, see the shining light!
It's dark in here. I'm dark in here. I'm not myself in here. I'm alone in here.   People all around me are moving. Im standing still. There is no one to love in here.
If i could change a thing it'd be my community in my school for all of us to be us even if we wore a hat or not so we wouldn't have to face alone the terrors that ensued
Want a change? Change society... ways of thinking Society is behind the issues we face; the established norms dictating our way of life. We follow blindly because change is terrifying,
Sitting in your mind. All alone. Your refuge from the world.   But what are those? Shining brightly in the dark. The mirrors.   Gazing into them you see not 
The sky looks dark The sun comes out but cannot be seen The coughing begins The air is as thick as soup
" Lead, follow, or get out the way," says Pastor Rojas. We, as humans, limit ourselves because we're afraid. We're afraid of the failures that will consume us Were afraid of the criticism
She used to be the girl wrapping up school lunch to take home She used to be the girl who never had new clothes She used to be the girl who needed help   They are the family that sleeps hungry
What would I change....My teachers, they suckMy nails, grossMy clothes, they aren't trendyMy friends, they can be so bitchyMy body, it's just not good enoughMy home, not warm enough
Everyone is equal, why is there a feminism sequal?
What is fear? A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain? A threat that is real? Or imagined? The feeling or condition of being afraid.
A loving embrace: yang Lonely and chooses: yin A slap to the face: bang Bottles and bruises: gin  
Why is she so different? What makes her so appealing? She doesn't have the prettiest face or the hottest body.  But she is rooted in my brain and spreading like an ivy.
If I could have my dream job, I’d be on my way to medical school because I wouldn’t have to worry about loans or tuitions.
Purple stained lipsSucculent dripsA seductive kiss placed between sweet, strengthWe rub our knees together And bump headsAll under the blanket of 
We live throught lense, walk throght a body  Go throught life with different experinces left in are back pocket What is the point of a view if there is no legitimate cause 
Betraying my body.  Excersing to oblivion.  All food maticulousoy monitered.  Under the control of the fear of gaining weight.  Telling myself if I lose a few more ill be happy. 
Some people dont deserve the life they live meet tanya  shes thirty-six, with three grown kids saby fathers absent claimed that they aint his so he up and left for his next mistress
I am not this ugly skin,I am the soul that lives within.It is my job to see it through,it is the least that I can do.A wonderful God made me;He loves me deeply.No one could ever love me more,
I would go out on the corners Handing dollars to the needy I would give them so much food They could even be greedy I'd go to places Where water droplets are few And dig a deep well
Hatred One word with two syllables that make people truly ugly
Sometimes, the world gets so powerful It's like standing on the edge of the ocean during high tide And getting swept into the dark abyss of sin right before your eyes Caught and tangled in the lies of this Earth
How was I supposed to know it was so bad to be educated and black? Do I really intimidate you to the point of you trying to hold me back? All I've tried to do was make something out of $5 and a dream,
Don't waste my time each millisecond I won't be able to buy into existence  I cannot undo conversations we've had. I can't take back the things I've said. Each millisecond it takes to breathe
If I could change one thing, I'd change how people look at things. Make it so there's no distinction between gay and strait or black and white.
You'll never know How desperately I always wanted to grow up When my parents wouldn't let me act up Only telling me to hush up, Cause the kid I was, was never good enough.
Here I stand with nothing of my own, Everything was given to me from the start. Standing on an empty road I must take this path alone, Watching everything fall apart.
"You are all that you know to be true in the universe. therefor the universe revolves around yyou.
There is a person that is trapped in my body that is trying to escape but is being suffocated by the endless weight. The mirror is my enemy that snickers back at me and reveals my flaws,
I hear her cry at night because she has been hurt. I hear him scream at her and accuse her for being a bad wife. I hear him talk to other women in front of her.   I ask her, "Why don't you just leave him?"
Hello my young friend It's good to see you again
I don't seem to get the meaning in making more meek men suffer man made rules   Its a never ending cycle of tips and tunes and steps and breaks   Eyeing the moving hands,   
And I had never cried so hard. But once. And I had never died so much.
Don’t give up just yet, We all go through hard times I don’t want to say goodbye, And I care so please don’t cry   But when I stand here with you, I see what could be so true
Often or not I stare change in the face,Wanting her to see the strain she has put me through,But I can't see any emotions from her,She is just the paper to your pen,
This brown eyed and long-haired girl is beautiful.. Everyone, her whole life, reminded her of her beauty.. Her heart filled with graciousness, Protected and kept righteous by all her morals.
If I ran the world, Women would never feel scared, Only strong and safe.
Listen to others and always be kind stay strong in your beliefs  and never let doubt cross your mind Married couples and families all struggle with things It is up to us to fix and to keep from untieing the rings
Broken child Save her from his grasp She's been here for a while She's growing up too fast
She cries every night tears streaming down her face She needs to be loved again she's forgotten the taste.  
You would rather settle for less? Another night on the screen answers yes You couldnt keep from wondering eyes Your mouth was filled with lies What was your thought about me?
I see them I ignore them I passed by them I see you  Having a sign "F*CK THE POOR" I stand up Saying that's not humane Stating that he should help Walking  few blocks down
Hello, I will not tell my name right away.  You have to assume of what I am through what I do to your body.  First of all, I may become addictive.
Hello, I will not tell my name right away.  You have to assume of what I am through what I do to your body.  First of all, I may become addictive.
It’s time we change, isn’t it?
Eyes are capable of so much.   They hold back the tears that our worst memories imbed in us. They have the ability to tell a story without having to speak a word. They keep in our deepest secrets.
Continuously, they seem to tell "The field you dream of won't treat you well" But this is my dream so I will not comply To their incomprehensible cries.  Interminably I've heard,
You use the word "Queer" you hope the picture is painted clear you judge off of looks  instead of the books homophobia is real they make such a big deal they are people too
                                       Our lives, bodies and spirits                                                    Are like a leaf                                     Blowing and floating in the wind
One shot, two shots, three shots Four. This was the only thing he knew Father wasn't around to teach him better, And mother was working two jobs, trying to keep up with her substance abuse.
I feel the hot breath graze across my neck. Raising each and every hair onto their tippy toes, Please, give me three feet!
Restrained by society with a death grip,  Over what I am, they are so obsessive.   I make a move, they turn it back, Replacing my face with a mask.   Corrupting my very soul,
To study a subject that brings me grief Stirs up a loathing brews like soup. Filled with great passion and heat My mind has changed for good, for art! No job that works me like a slave with no heart.
Nothing is ever out of place Hair is piled neatly on her head, Clothes is fitted immaculately on her body Her smile is wide, showing a nice row of pearly teeth
I can not feel at ease with so much chaos over seas
Everyone has their own special path Mine has twist and turns and can lead me to wrath It was my freshman year in college when I thought I knew what I wanted to do
Well life it throws you alot of things
 Through the looking glass
Growing up all I knew was poverty.  "Put that back!" "We cannot afford that."  I come from a life where education was a scapgoat.  I come from hand-me-downs, and cheap shoes. 
The tick tick ticking of time passing by The climbing numbers of a clock while, My mother tells me to stop, the minute hand Whispers to the hairs stretching up I plant seeds that I never see
Sit & wait, I will wait for the right voice For the spirit to come upon me, choice has no shape or texture, look at me now as I raise my hands, doubt is crumbling down
When a family was a family, A whole and binding unit, When fathers were fathers and mothers were mothers, A team that stood together for better or worse, Parents who taught their kids respect,
I don’t want to lie and keep up this Masquerade Saying everyone is beautiful and We are all just great Because in reality we’re not. You say you want passion I don’t think you rationed
The Republic is dying, tattered flags flying, whole nations are being consumed,
Have you ever been told "you can do it," when they meant only if you do it someone else way.
With beautiful oceans and beautiful seasOur home is full of life but thats not what we seeThe greed for more is not what we needHowever the want for more puts our mind at ease
The world is a cookie cutter
Change is big Change is wearing a bright wig
I was the boy who didn’t look adults in the eye The one who scraped his knee and who was too afraid to cry Who constantly crunched numbers, calculating his steps And with each diagnosis
    As a high school graduate,the job of a college education is what I seek,
I know the "right" answers, The ones I should say: End world hunger, Bring world peace. But is that enough? If my real answers are: Change my body,
"I had a dream.." Those were the wise words that seemed to gleam, I found them carved on some sort of oak tree. I put it together, kind of like the birds and the bees.   My dream is to change the world,
If I could have changed one thing I would have changed my choices I would have said no to the peer pressure No to the party No to the drinking I would have said yes to being the designated driver
*Scribble Scribble* Hmm... What would I change? Hey, how about a pony? I think I wanna trade in this Xbox for Sony. And also an extra controller for my homie.
For every baby that lies in the cold. For each infant who was told- they are not loved. For every child that sobbed tears. For every year that passed without a smile. If I could, I would provide a blanket. A blanket provides shelter.
I could have done this. I should not have done that. Life is never a success. It is along the lines of Try. Fail. Repeat. Life is supposed to be an amazing experience. But it is more like Try. Fail. Repeat.
Loyalty is a fickle beast inside all, seemingly temperamental and ever-shifting. In reality, however, it has a core where irrevocable loyalty lies.   For some, that is their country.
  Show the world who you are. It is known, it is said, it is taught.
Today we’ve come from lands so far away From the hills by Dos Lagos To the Norco trails   From the windows of Eddleman To the West End Quad We’ve travelled so darn far
Who is this girl we call Beauty? Where can she be found? What does she look like? And what is her sound?
Twenty-four hour day. Why can't I spend it my way? To live is to pay.
In a world so cold, and unforgiving
You could change the world if you could change one thing; something more rooted than poverty, more contagious than disease. Its silence stands out in a crowd, it is on the face of every passerby
Today I woke up to painful scars and temporary kisses from my guardian angel. My play dates aren't as traditional as the other kids in my neigborhood. Matter of fact.. It was the day before too.
What are we telling our children?
If I could change one thing, it would be to have you in my arms.   If I could change one thing, I would end you're self-hate.   Self-loathing.   Self-doubt.  
What would I change? Now that's a good question. Let's start with college; it's way too expensive and the amount of debt it causes is CRAZY. I mean if it is so important, don't you think it should be affordable?
Homeless People on every corner Begging for spare change Giving up their pride In hope for a life’s exchange
Clock in.   Name tag Steal toed boots Grease rag Work truck route   Jeans ripped Black dirt Tools equipped Red tshirt
[Cant you see me?]   I know you feel you'd be better off dead, But please, don't listen to those voices in your head, I long to bring you hope.   
The Change in your pocketis ever so delicate.Will you cultivate itand let it grow?The Change in my pocket, I choose to let it grow. To something greater,for the world I can show.
The sun, 
We all have free spirit. We all decide what we do. But what we really do is what people expect of us. Should we let them run our lives Or should we control our lives to get what we want?
You are beautiful. Do you believe it?Do you hear it enough?Probably not. 
If emotions were exposed what would we be? How long could we ignore our fellow man's depravity?  
Our wonder of this world has waned since old Nowadays, wishes are hard to come by. Our time is spent on other, harsher things Only in our fairy tales do they lie.                                       
Anxiety is what I'd change But it looks so out of range.   Waiting for the day
It needs to change so it shall, Eventually with or without me here.     I can change thee or others; I could be acquisitive changing my mien, and my myriad faults;
there is enough tyranny hypocrisy synecdochial koinonia in the modern day definition of love to siphon off realness in reality enough for fantasy to have any given lover on any given day  
If I could change the world I'd change the way we live today Change the way we think  And change the way we perceive   If I could change the world  I'd fly around a mountain high
Tough times growing up... Barely having any food to eat. Cable getting cut off, And surviving with out heat. Momma struggling to keep me safe And tried to buy me clothes.
Dear 13 year old me, With a rounder body and face A size 13 waste A lover of sweets and bread  Yet you hate how you look And you say it in your head
When I was young, I used to dream of far off lands and play pretend  Dance around school like i was in some fairy tale den. 
  Honestly.    I became angry today.   You told me you had never been anywhere. And didn’t want to go. And never would.   That your life was perfect.
What is this day going to bring us, mere men, naively believing we are to eternally live on Earth expecting it to us forever give its love, when we are destroying it for yen.
If I could change the world Everyone would be educated College would be free I could attend my dream school   Everyone would be educated Because everyone deserves an education
Loyalty and Honesty are harder to find in today's society than a four leaf clover among the greenest of green pastures. Nobody is willing to do right onto others or treat others as they would want others to treat them.
Step by step Little by little Take it apart Separate all the pieces. Take the illness and suffering away. Theses cannot be eliminated Yet it's possible to use tools against them.
  I am a speck of dust Spinning round and round Universe of stars All bright and profound  
Mama calle
Mama calle
What would you change? Would it be the smell of garbage? The sound of fear, oh how strange Maybe the negative effects of verbal exchanges The difficulty of learning numerous languages
White blackboards compete with Digital reincarnations of Dinosaur projectors, massive Light-producing species of the past.  
Don’t eat,
We are wild and reckless, with our youthful dreams and the promise of change.  
I am Zakiya
The guns ring one last shot
What is change?
no big words, no amaing but aiming to my soul ,before you even think of blackmailing me think of what im saying. look, im not disciminating unless you are not the one living it and your parents paying
They sit there all alone/ the poor, the sick, the homeless/why does no one hear them cry/it seems that life is hopeless.Why can't we take a single day/to reach out and show grace/to help out a fellow man/to look them in the face.What a difference
  Although, all the world still waits to see what we shall become. Uncanniness isn’t wit.
There is too much hurt in the world. Hunger. Illness. Poverty. War. I wish that I could change it all.  I wish I had the power, To give food to all the hungry,
When we wear a mask We smile to cover anguish A brave face is just a well adhered lie Stopping to look for the cold ice bleeding out behind a sunny disposition We see the signs of falsehoods spun into truth
I wear a tank top and short shorts. They call me a slut. I wear baggy pants and long shirts. They call me shy. I sleep around. They call me a whore. I don't sleep with anyone. They say I should put out.
What would I change? Nothing big,  Very insignificant, Related to me Because that’s who I am That’s what I do, I am very selfish, I care only about myself. It doesn’t bother me,
never did i think i could be one of those people the people who love... differently. never before did i think id experience feelings  for that of the same sex though now i find it somewhat rediculous.
Suppose that we could put a stop To violence all around the world. Observe the pain of others, and Prove what could be ended here.   Veiled threats and hidden bruises,
If I had the power, All the power in the world I’d change the fact that it is so hard For me to get an education. Between the teachers that have given up on me, And the students around me
I would change society because it blocks reality and clouds perceptions
Acceptance is not submission. It’s not a provision for idleness. It’s not a justification for regression. It’s the potential for improvement. We battle on fields of death For our beliefs,
Half naked women, dancing on TV screens.Magazine covers with girls not-so-modestly dressed.                mocking these images all become a test                to the girls of our world.  
Shining faces, skinny bodies, never any frown,   No arms or legs to hold itself down;   Floating by, far away, filled up   To bring our home a poisoned cup.
What would you change? What would I change? I'd chage the way peole think, Get rid of the unnceccasary judgement. Who needs that? Certainy not we. We have the power to learn,
  Take out negative attitude Now accept you have latitude Living in the free land Our choice is where we stand We need to show our gratitude
Did you know that if you stop and look,Open your eyes and take in the sight,That everything comes to light?The darkness,The loss,The despair,Loneliness.
I can’t change the whole world, but I can change mine. Change starts from within, one person at a time. Giving, forgiving, reaching, teaching and I’m                        Changing my world.
Sitting here just thinking what to write, But then I noticed we're in a fight, A fight for our lives and for salvation, The world has gone astray with no education, You smoke weed and don't take heed,
Stop Torturing Me With Your Memories
People are not clothesTo be cast off as the weather changesUseful, needed even, but all togetherHollow.  
I work harder As I ponder the future
There are the seekers and the do-ers. The speakers and the choose-ers. And who I am I’m not so sure I know anymore. But for topics sake let’s say that I too am a seeker.
I’m tired. I’m tired of turning on a TV that only shows me pictures of pretty girls, perfect girls, all a size double 0.
A complicated notion of time An ideology of one's self that allows us to think and believe the world to be a better place A place of hope, joy and peace A place where lovers from all walks of life can come out in the open
You ask me what would i change And it might sound some what strange Cuz if you see me you'll say she's to young to think this way, But one thing that must be gone is how people have no say
Right now hypocrisy is sincerity Right now kindness is an irregularity Right now ambiguity is clarity Right now loyalty is a rarity Right now wrongfulness is right Right now ignorance is a light
If I had to pick One thing to change I wouldn't pick at all Because there are so many things that need change   Homeless people roam the intersections and expressways
  Most want the sun a little brighter The sky a little bluer The days a little longer   Many seek a better tomorrow A shorter struggle A longer relaxation   Walking down a street
What would you change?What would I change?When not just one thingEven more than just a few come to mindWhat does that say?TrappedIn a world whirlwinding in such disarray
We look at change and we shutter in fear to be ourselves yet they won't hear I wonder if they care I try so hard just to be accepted my true identity I guard He loves me so
So much beauty everywhere It is winter melting into spring The cars, bikes, and trains Make music outside my city window It is gray now Fluctuating between waves of warmth And bitter, biting cold
If I could change the world, I would abolish prejudice; Or the bumpy past, That created it. No race more superior, No size more supreme. Only happiness,  And positivity gleamed.   
I’d like to change a mind. Not minds. Just one, not plural. Make it just, make it kind, Shock his rural Brain. That’s as closed as a crypt To bits of “understanding” And getting what I’m saying
If I could change one thing, Anything about the world,
What happened t
Peace cannot exist, but what is this? Hunger cannot be solved, but that does not mean we can't be involved. Changing the world is impossible, but doing so piece by piece make it plasible.
  Change. The air, The water, The environment, Corruption = destruction.   Change. A new view, A new nature, A true nature, Apreciated by few.  
Change. Such a broad word, for such a monumental feat. The key to change is tolerance.
Look in the mirror and see  you are nothing you want to be. Sad face, permanant frown. The only way to go is down.   What if one day, that all changed?   Confidence is key
I want to change the world, and i think you know why We can't change the world no matter how hard we try. We see it happen daily, we see it and you know.  Yet...we don't try to change things. 
If I could change one thing, I would change the attitude we bring. The mentality that life is a competition and not a mission. They don't define their own Nirvana and instead smoke the marijuana
I see it in your eyes, You see no one.  I see someone. You see the ugly, I see the beauty in you. You see scars and damage, I see a canvas. You wish you could stop falling from grace,
The world's a vast  place. You're that little pin in the middle of the haystack trying to find yourself. Often all you want to do is throw in the towel, belt out that last note, make the violin weep.
What marks the passing of time? The earth spinning 'round te sun The rise and fall of the moon How do you know for sure? The falling of the leaves and snow Is that a measue of life?
They cry and scream, You do nothing but sit, They just want attention, You do nothing but sit, They are your child, You do nothing but sit, They leave your house, You do nothing but sit,
Unquestioning devotion to the words of many, our minds become dry and useless. Wake up! We must transgress
What would I change? The world in all it's mystery and pain is still beautiful in it's own way. Who would I change?
Let's go way back to ancient times. The past unraveled just take a look. What you seek can surely be found within the pages of a history book. Martin Luther King has known exactly what it was he sought
Injustice, idealized by the ideals of the prejudiced and intolerant Immoral ,decided by the morally correct Law, created by those who hold hatred to any soul Whose choices have strayed from the path deemed right
Smartphones. Good when it comes to emergencies and talking to your friends, Bad when it consumes everyone’s attention. At lunch it seems everybody is looking down At their phone, and not up at the faces
When a drive was all that was needed for a man to fly to the moon. Back when our four fathers used elbow grease and backbone to get the job done. As a third grader,  I sat alone in my desk the only one being reconciled to do my work.
This poem is about changing how we accept people and how we need to motivate our peers to strive for their goals.      http://youtu.be/a5x9OUtGZP4
If I could change one thing, Let's say about my school, It would be what we represent. Dress. Our dress code is fair And all the teachers our cool, But there's one thing that just gets to me.
Rely on yourself Look out for you and your own You don't need others
If I could change I could change the world, if I could change My mind has been a maze the past few days and despite, her love for me has been the same. The world has grown, yet lost the fun we knew.
In the bible, evil is money's root, In the streets, people live and die for it; World power built on exploiting for loot, Whose void has torn apart homes bit by bit. Imagine a world without money's need,
When you look around what do you see? Do you see a world flooded with trees, or instead a place where buildings rise
If I could change the world I would But, I am so small so invisible   But don’t you see there is change everyday lead by normal people who once thought too I am so small
A Social Construct The Cause of Destruction The Odds Of All Evil Coming Against All People The Discrimination, Though' We Stand As One Nation Years To Decades Centuries To History
We live in a world where the American dream is a thing that is yearned, Where liberty is free and opportunity awaits around every turn. We live in a world where we are given every right to speak what is our hearts,
There is a bubble, 
Unwanted babiesUnwanted stressUnwanted expensesUnwanted scars
If I had complete reign, (In a totally non-totalitarian way) my first decree as Queen would be to abolish hardships faced by humanity. The hunger-stricken will never face a day without food,
When you see the change in yourself, others will notice the actual beauty you posses. 
I can’t express all the hatred I’ve confided All the tears I’ve left inside Days I’ve waited in the pouring rain My mind racing and going insane Night alone broken in the dark
What would I change? Correction. What wouldn't I change? We need a reset button. 
Change We face it everyday Everywhere; Next to us, Next to me. It seems relentless, Unforgiving at times, But we have the power To change all that.  
Sean realized at a young age Other boys were not quite the same He wasn’t on the same page   No one was to blame He was so estranged He felt naught but shame  
Love is the simplest truth We have It’s the center of Our existence The core of all that is and has been Love’s the intangible binding force,
So many people are hurting on the inside So many people feel the pain So many tears have been cried So many lives ended in vain   So many people who feel all alone
I give you my hand. I hold your hands. I give you  my arms. I give you my shoulder to cry on. I give you my heart. I give you understanding. I smile for you, you smile too. But if you still feel the darkness,
What would I change if anything?How about the price of education.This country is built on freedom.But how free are we really if the shackles of student debt are locked tight for years?
Distort, lie, and amplify.   They show us the center,and hide the edges.The center is framed,by the rest,that is compressed.  
As tears well  Drawn from affection yet no grasp Our embraces have spark A small glimmer of life And after each removal of warmth The world grows dim Tears stream purely
All we see, all we hear.
She's the girl that everyone thinks has it all. They couldn't be more wrong. There are nights where she cries herself to sleep, Dreading the morning where she will have to put her mask on again.
What would I change? One can make an assumption:   "He is a socialist So he must change government"   "He is an atheist So religion must be altered"   "He is a pacifist
I turn on the news Rape, murder, missing Those words have become boring to me A black boy has been shot The white man who killed him goes home free Bullshit What has this world come to?
I want to change the way boys look at me. I want them to stop seeing my body as the tenement of their eyes. I want to stop feeling dissected by a glance up and down-- just checking out what I have to offer. 
In history class I watched the Indians, Assimilate, Their culture was destroyed by,
It's so very hard to know what to say
With the world acting as her mirror The Girl was only told harsh words And she couldn’t help but listen For it demanded to be heard   “Your ghost-like skin is sickening
  Though it may be far-fetched or seem unattainable I would change sadness, it would not exist There is too much sadness in too many people I would change happiness, it would be infectious
A generation pressured by society A society driven by expectations and decisions Decisions that restrain us like animals to a cage A cage that strips what little freedom we were given
Love is love, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and all, Be yourself, and do what you believe. Take every day with stride, Don’t worry about what others may think. It’s your life, live it with pride!
There are things I'd change, I have an entire list, Clear the scars from the wrist of those who lost hope, Give them a reason to get off the chair and untie the rope,
If I could I would change the nature of hate in our collective culture.
As the world continues, we are rejected. Can we make them finally see they are wrong? Can we finally be accepted? Empowered that's what we are.
Pride gets in the way Envy lies in hearts  Gluttony overflows our nation While lust tears relations apart Anger boils within our veins  Greed prevents us from our potential
Darkness Tears Fear Anxiety Anger Sadness Is how Depression can be discribed.   The steel metal was cool on warm skin once upon a time As the sharp metal sliced skin
    What a shame society is today All I hear is negative, slang term, hate When did all the love go away   We should care what everyone has to say Cant we just start over with a clean slate
 Change is scary. Change is daunting. Change is exciting. Change is new. Change is exactly what this world needs. A change in the heart, A change of lovely proportion.
Past, Present, Future Trying to change the first without worrying about the second or third, im a past veteran, a present warrior, a future trooper Fighting without so much as a sword, yet im still swinging like i got an axe
  I sit on the corning and someone scowls, I take a hit to shrug it off. I see mom laying with a bottle again, I take a hit so the blows wont hurt this time.
  If this world were up to me, I would choose to banish thieves   Not the poor who must steal bread,
Women and men are taught  from the time of babes to rate a woman's beauty on the size of her dress a man on the size of his bicep to discount a girl on the length of her skirt
A big change in little ways. One step at a time. You don't need a giant leap. A ripple can still create a wave. Giving money to the homeless. Donating can goods. Volunteering an hour of your time.
We are Huma
There would be no such things as guns. In fact there would be no such thing as war. Death would only be achieved by old age. No one in this world would be called a liar, a bully, a cheater, a monster.
Politics change things We hear the Liberty Bell as it rings It chimes, it tolls, it swings America the Beautiful   But why is nothing better Leaders promise change
  No matter how much freedom I have,I realized that by knowing the reasons and outcomes, I am restricted from possessing these infinite decisions. 
The walls of stone that guard my heart come crumble to the ground Fall like the walls of Jericho that God sent crashing down My sould is not free to roam and grow it's trapped inside a cage
Imagine a world with no sense of privilege, no sense of self betterment, no sense of egocentrism. If everyone were the same, then no one would feel downtrodden. Everyone would feel the obligation to help one another.
If God blessed me with Power, I would draw out all the hate in the world Like sucking out the bad blood to save a life I would wrap it all up in a pretty package And swallow it whole
If asked to change a thing or say
 If change were to come I would break out, no longer scared no longer hidden.
we compete with our siblings for attention we compete with our class mates for the golden stickers we compete with our school mates for class rank we compete with national students for college admission
I wish food didn't have calories I wish grades weren't so important I wish insommnia didn't happen
Isn't it funny how change is the only thing,that stays the same.If you only stay for the day,My life will change.We are never the same,Even from yesterday,Because in this world,Change is always,
It is not what I would change It is what we can change Inside of ourselves
I saw you murder them But no blood was spilt Dead You murdered them You poisoned them Dead I saw Dead I watched you kill his mind Smother his mind Strangle his mind
What would I change? I'd change the negativity the fact that it disrupts my activity. I have a choice to think positive but why do I choose not to?
The change we can bring ...
If the world were in the palm of my hands And I was able to make one simple alteration I would change society and its idea of perfection  
We can all do something, No matter how big or small, Something very touching, Not just to one but all To change our big, blue world For once and  for all.   To travel far and wide
Some say that all have a fatal flaw, a flaw that will at us gnaw, and weaken, and maim,and hurt our spirit. However, some believe in a way to cure it.   I believe in such a divine law,
Vision is a problem- Has been and it will be. Seeing is great, for practical purposes, But seeing people is hard.   People seeing is hard   People seeing my friends muscles
Once was a heart of a dreamer, Full of aspirations, Hope of the nation. Once was a toxicated heart of a dreamer, Crippled by disbelievers, Only left with imaginations.
There are so many things in my life that I wish I could change; There are so many crying and dying in vein. The one thing that I would change would be to have a chance to contact those who have passed.
  If there was one thing I could end, It would be Abuse. I never experienced such phenomena myself, and I am thankful. However, others are not so fortunate.
I would change my friends I would change my past I would change the words I used I would change not going to Mass   I would change my heart I would change my future
Ugh...I just cracked my iPhone While kids in other places are recovering from cyclones I just got dumped by my two week girlfriend While other teens lives are coming to an end First World Problems....  
I was thirteen when I figured out that water Doesn’t come without a price And I’ve come to terms with the millions of Starving children that don’t cry for food But for a freedom that tastes like the sun burning
This word is everywhere, in school and in government. Why does this word still exist? Is it ignorance? Or is it power? Percieved power has more influence than actual power.
           Reminds me of spring.            The flowers, the sun...            A beautiful month that            Means so much. There Is            The beginning of every-
Change change change I for one am no fan, but it's inevitable This life in the fast lane, change comes up every hour minute second Everything in life is so easy
If I could change one thing in the world, it'd be how easily we get bored. How we give up on eachother, and let go of one another. How we don't rememeber how to love, all we can do is push away and shove.
The ease with which you look me in the eye Speak your words Tell your lies Stirs contempt within my mind. I cannot change who you are
One thing to save the world. One thing to make all well. One thing; only one.   Some starve while others waste.   Why?   When all the world is a stage
air. bleach. metal.  we did it out of mercy. you see, it didn't speak as we speak. there was no other way. volts. roads. bridges.  at first i only contemplated, and then I knew I had to.
Little girl staring at the blackboard. Font of the class is no place for girls like her. The silence at recess tells her she is forgotten. The noiselessness carrying across the pint-sized kingdom.
I want to
Change is coming you will see, closer now than it was the other day.
SLAM,BAM BAM. Fire, Ash, and Wind,Leave us with a world of sin. Hate, Crime, Rape,Who's to blame for heaven's sake? Heaven. Up. The sky,God will help, right?
The truth. Always hard to face but we all know it's there.  We ignore it saying "It's just a phase."
If I had the power   If I had the power, I’d wipe all your tears
Body image issues, sleep apnea, heart disease, infertility, gallstones and diabetes? All are caused by being overweight. It also becomes difficult to find a mate. A nation where everyone is too large,
I am in love with this girl. This girl makes me feel emotions I've never thought I'd be capable of feeling. She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life, with her silky hair, big rosy cheeks,
One day is all it takes One day to make them break They’ll see what I see They’ll hear from me   They should be mute for a day. Congress, president, the parliamentary They cannot talk at all
What is one thing that people need more of in this world? Self-esteem.
I would change the judgement, the judgement all around. In the air, and In your mind, tearing people to the ground. I would change those evil thoughts, making people's love go blind.
the one thing I would change is that same sex marriage should be legal. to some people it may be unconstitutional but it is still their way of life and every one is equal or at least that's what they tell us.
Sometimes I hear whispers.Sometimes I hear words.Almost always I hear rumors that are seemingly unheard.I know what they're saying."That guy is a fag,
Change It happens We don't see What used to be What exists right now Or what will be Nothing permanent Change can happen In less than in a minute Or more than a millennia
  Break the silence... Their holding me down Talking about me But not making a sound Silence. Is it me? With all the words Being said, Nah It couldn’t be.
Change.. the great mediator of life, Eye constantly ask myself what could eye change and how? Often to stumble upon the question "what couldnt eye change?"
The world is black. It can be unfair.
In our journey paths taken Sometimes paths can cause some aching I've seen emotions, thoughts, and actions Some like protons, some electrons If I could, i'd give it all The happiness that we all want
Listen. Many questions come and go, with wonder stirring in woe, all the answers appear to glisten, but with no one here to listen, they fade away without a single sound,
we are all the same one human race living together one god we all praise
The thing i would change is the thought about race Ill make a change across the nation and the unified states To show the people of the world what they've all been missin' And make the world see my vision
Why can she not speak? Was she to blame? The words whispered in her ear, The hands that touched her, The scars on her body and heart, Was she to blame?   Silenced by a culture who has no pity,
Slow lanes for the elderly, middle lanes for the normal walkers, and fast lanes for joggers and people in a hurry.
I don't know why my daddy hurt me so, My arm is broken and it hurts to move; Why he has done this; I'll never know, I wish this would stop; I wish it'd improve. Now that I am grown; I fear him no more,
Hate. The one thing I would change.
About a third of Americans are overweight, Their way of life is the reason, That is my debate. A change in health and habits, A more conscientous land, Could bring about a difference,
In life there are a lot of things i would like to change, But I think the thing i would like to change most is how people look down on others because of there lifestyles such as homesexuality, Lesbian, Bisexual.
I love my hair, I love my eyes, I love my mouth,
Like a tide rolling in Or a gust of wind, We are constantly taking Taking from each other Which takes away from us Taking this beautiful planet And turning it to dust.
What would I change about the world you ask? Well I guess it all starts with this. I want a clean slate for everyone, No more hate or prejudice, that needs to be done.
What would I change, you ask?
Jane Smith disappeared at the age three when her only family died in a car crash.There was no natin wide call for action to find her,nor candlelight vigil to keep the memory of her alive, because there was no one left to miss her, no one left to
Change Such a powerful word, Is it good... or bad Both? Change has the power to fix Or ruin Everything. But change is only a word without action Action Action
If I could change one thing in this world I would eliminate doubt. You could be the next Picasso, the next Magic Johnson, the next Steve Jobs, the next Oprah. But you're scared of what he thinks, what she thinks.
A man looks down the sights of life and death Gripping the decision to kill Oblivious to the consequences of his soon-to-be actions A moment of regret glistens as he pulls the trigger
If I could change my world, what would I change? Would I change the enviroment, the politics? Would I chance the schools, the laws?
Mean-spirited. Greedy. As his claws lifted off the ground, Soaring through the clouds. He reached the sky. Lonely. Unsatisfied.   Rain storms and thunderstorms,
Change is at the mercy of the law, But the law is not at the mercy of change. You can not rebuild an engine all at once, It is done in steps. If there is a bad part that needs fixing,
all of my walls are closing in they are made of: Me those walls have caved in  before when everything was just fine along with: Depression Anxiety
The things I could change  If I was given the chance Is the way I'm looked at In passing glance My hair has seen the rainbow My lips tasted coal My closet ranging from student
it's that time again, to go
Do you know what it's like to feel so out of control like your house is not a home and your friends leave you alone?   Do you know what it's like for every mistake you've made
I've only a little more than a dozen years But I can sit here and feel your fears. I can see the rise and fall Of the most glorious kingdom of all.  And despite all that I yearn,
Change   If there was something I could change What would it be The mindset of so many Displaying their animosity   Loathing and contempt Or just simple indifference
I go through the day Man, I see all the pain   Through trials and rain Our youth’s lost in disarray   While the Son shines on my face The dark clouds leave them in the grey  
Believe in G
Helping Other People Everyday
Change Is a tricky thing How do we say That how things are Are not how they are meant to be? But, I am sure- Things are not meant to be Intolerant. We should love And understand
Walking, Sitting, Days pass. Begging for money, "Please?" Passersby passes. Lying on the street, Gunshots fire, He passed.    
In dedication to mankind and our search for ourselves and peace   Enemy to my own identity I shared the fears and pain of those who share this color that runs in my veins  
I want what I can't have
They ask me what would i change? But i think the question should be , what wouldnt i change? Because the answer is there is not one thing that i cant name that this world doesnt need to change.
Our poor world is hungry, Hungry for peace the doesn't come, hungry for love that can't be won,
People say that we cant change once we sat who we are we can never go back but is that true   others say that love can fix it but is it possible    for the oe i love i sure hope so 
I will change how you perceive me The world is waiting Clouds clearing Our eyes finally esteemed to what really may be I believe the allusion has sewn our seam The allusion of difficulty 
If I could change anything, I would start with the way our generation chooses to think; The power of our voice is contagious and on the brink.
If there was one any thing I could change around me it would be all the negativity day in and day out around me its makes no sense to hate on someone who is doing better then you let that person persevere
Foe or friend I chase no more Of Cesar’s stag1 For such a pain it’s brought Its bounds have torn
Hate exists  Whether we want to believe it or not. Those who preach purity, fire the first shot.   Gay, straight, confused, transgender Does it really matter what kind?
Have you ever heard of a fallacy? Well that is what has happened to me A generalization gone wrong Making the application process rather long They said it would be a breeze scholarships will come with ease
Remember when a man was judged by his quality of character,  Rather than by the amount of digits his paycheck read every month? What about looking up to a woman who shared her ideas,
I am too chubby, You can see that girl's ribcage, And she's too normal.   I wear boot-cut jeans, That one's in booty shorts, And she only wears skirts.   Society claims
A moment in time when nothing seems to go right Waiting for the time to come Patience A time in space that has completely ceased to exist  A time when everything seems to last forever
White is everywhere.  I am surrounded, engrossed, captivated. The walls exude it, the people express it. They wear it like a badge of honor  Which it might be.  Boasting in the glory of their ancestors
Change, a small word that doesn`t come about easily.  I want it, but how come it never comes to me? Changing yourself is one thing, changing others around you is another.
To be able to live. To be able to feel every moment. To be able to capture memories. To be able to grow. Rather than just breathe. Rather than just go through the motions.
I would change me My hair My nose My face My skin   I would change my weight My height My everything   I would change so much you wouldn’t recognize me
Special means one thing, and then anotherThere are kids born with needs much different from others.Some learn slower, and some can't walk.Some can't hear you, and some can't talk.
We have the power to do a lot, to change and to adapt,  and to create a better world.   I would change life. It is something that people think is impossible, but it takes something small
Homeless, Wandering, No place to go,  No place to lay your head. No one cares, No food,  No fresh water.  Why does no one care? How can we help other countries?
If I were to change the now I would open the minds of those who don't know how. To free the thoughts that are imprisoned allowing all to make free decisions.  
Mommy, I'm not really sure Why you won’t cut my hair Or why you dress me up in skirts And dresses and in heels   Can't I wear a suit instead?
What Would You Change If I had the power to change anything, I would change greed
I dream of a day When "coming out of the closet" Isn't even a thing anymore.   When "straight" is just a direction, "Gay" just means cheery,
You ask meIn this world we sailIf one thing I could changeWhat thing would this be?One thing I would changeIt is simple, yet slightly strangeThere would be no left or right brain
changing life...changing minds...changing hearts. judgement passes through us all, piercing eyes like darts quick to judge but too slow to realize... to realize...the pain of war...the pain of loss...the pain of life
Gangs. How much I want for them to dissipate The fire is crackling, simmered down But sooner or later my breath of relief Will be winded down. Gunshots fly but are not found, the flames of the fire grow,
we are fulfilled with ideas of change we freeze in our tracks thinking of the fears that we have been forced to believed   we do have such abilities but will we ever be strong enought to overcome such fear
As I walk through these concrete New York streets I see pain staken faces begging for a bite to eat. Curled up, freezing cold, lonely and lost, no home, no car.
If I could change anything, What would I change?  I think I would make everything free, so I wouldn't have to worry about money. 
He came to camp Was different A bit more sensitive than the rest Not his fault He is not guilty of something wrong for that He was amazing   He stuck by my side  I held his hand
Changing something, anything at all. I know what I'd change, before the call Of my mind is too hard to ignore, I'd change the balance, some less and some more. I speak not of wealth,
I'm just a black woman, what more is there to be known? I don't even have to see your face but the expression of disgust has already shown. My skin is chocolate, so don't call me dark.
Religion by Dillon A poem on how people should change the way they think. I would change religion. So many are caught in its lies. Religion is something I despise. It tells man to work for perfection
There once was a girl who played piano until her fingers bled
What would I change if I could, you ask? The way the world sees me through each daily task The judging bright eyes, so quick to put me down The colors of each and everyone's skin; white, black or brown
  If I could change anything in the world I’d flip the map upside down. I’d put the southern hemisphere at the top of the map, And the northern hemisphere at the bottom.  
Change.  We all want change
"You're just a kid." "You will understand when you're older." "You're niave, immature, and haven't experienced enough of life." "I'm older and therefore, I'm right." 
I'm helpless I'm broken I have no rights You cut me and pull me while I try to fight. In my plight this is What I have to say: I love you mom 
I want to change the way you see yourself. All you do is critize yourself.
This is a call to actionWhatever action you’ve been sitting on like a bird in the nestIt’s time we hatched our hearts and let our love flyBecause our bodies aren’t getting any younger
Skyscrapers rise as farmlands fall, And houses replace the cows.  Progress claims to benefit all; All I can say is How? Embrace the change, it's all for the best! They exclaim as if they don't know. 
It’s too much. The drama, the bullying, the constant judging I can’t stay because I don’t want to be a victim of those things You see, I’m pregnant I can’t handle the pointing, the laughing, and the comments
Look around and think really hard, and wonder why things are the way they are. I would change the chaos, and make things simple like the stars. Consistency is key in anyone's success.
Ticking, he was a ticking time bomb. Irrational, maybe, but he couldn’t help it. Controlled by emotions he misunderstood within him. Kicking the broken pieces of himself.
Things go wrongThings will break
Sweet angels we are, and sweet angels we'll stay For it was nurture, not nature, that made us this way. Perfect curls and silent glossed lips, A pretty face and smiles to kiss.
Wrapped up in a thick material like a fragile piece of glass. Down to my thighs. Solid black. Unobtrusive. Hidden. Afraid. Eyes look out into the big world. They don't see you.
Sometimes I wish I could just hide Sometimes I wish I could be eveyone else Sometimes I wish I could smoke pot Sometimes I wish I didn't play music Sometimes I wish my hair was a normal color
We are all made out of ruin Every broken branch But She and I, we stand and we grow And these knots in our bodies are just          monuments  to how we've overcome the lightening and the burning
They brainwash you, Into thinking this stuff will be of use someday, They mold you into the perfect person they wished to be, In their eyes follow these rules and you’ll be accepted. Acceptance is such an odd word,
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