Cookie Cutter

The world is a cookie cutter

People are cookie cutters

I am a cookie  


Many species do not survive 

Nature has her way of rooting out the weak 

Surviving in this world is a head long dive 

That is not for the meek 


Human social hierarchy is only a game 

They say, "It's as easy as winning at Vegas!"  

For a short time you find fortune and fame 

Soon to be outshined by the latest and greatest


I am blinded by the lights

I am deafened by the laughing, screaming, and crying

I don't know which fights are my fights

Who is my friend and who is lying

Oh well I guess I'll just slip on my pretty dress and tights

The same outfit every other girl has been buying

I walk out and mould myself into the crowd

I am thinking, "My mother must be so proud!"

I look to my right and see a girl just my age and height

She turns her head to look back and she looks just like me much to my fright


Everywhere I look I see perfectly cut little pretty cookies

"Everyone look!" I shout

And all those pretty little cookies look about

They all gasp as they see that they are all cookies


The world is a cookie cutter

Most people are cookie cutters 

But now most women and I are no longer cookies

Look at us now, so beautiful now that we no longer conform

Hopefully our style will soon become the new norm 






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