We Don't Care Enough


We grew up with a few ideas instilled within us that go something along the lines of:

1.)Your life will consist of how hard you work towards your dreams.

2.) Question everything and stand up for what you believe in.

3.) We stand for liberty,justice, and equality for all.

Yet, in due course, we became more and more aware of what those three rules really meant:

1.) Your life will be easiest if you conform to society’s norms and you know the right people.

2.) Never question the people that tell you what to do and how to do it.

3.) You’re “free” if you’re the typical straight right white man.


The main problem we face today is that the privileged favor only their own kind and fail to empathize with the rest of the world.

Basically, if you’re the minority- you’re out of luck.

Gay, black, hispanic, a woman, mentally ill,- it’s none of anyone’s problem but yours, apparently.


Our problem is that we simply do not care for others.

We don’t care enough.

At least not enough to call ourselves humans.


We have our jails filled with potheads instead of child molesters-letting the rich run free.

We have our kids hiding their scars, sitting alone in the back of the classroom-having the school kick them out to avoid being held liable.

We have kids that would rather stay silent and live in fear- while everyone simply ignores them.

We have our people that feel a bit too much or too little-our solution is numbing them with all kinds of meds.


Every time I get a check minus for scribbling out one misspelled word in a two-page essay the teacher does not read,

Every time I see a good student get suspended for days for saying "shit",

Every time I see a silent kid in the corner probably burning inside,

Every time I hear a girl get called ugly and every time I see a person suffering because they have no one,

I rot a little more inside-because we focus on the insignificant aspects of life.


It's because the schools are more concerned with being held liable for a child than helping them out.

It’s because we are too obsessed with our perfectly fine lives to lend a hand out to a person in need.


It’s because we are taught to hate those that are slightly different from us before we are taught to empathize with them.

As long as we live as such, we are not free.

We are not alright.

It’s because we are not cared for, and we do not care enough.


Humanity means you have a heart and a brain, but we all know it stands for the ability to feel, love, and understand.

We need to care. We have to care for the sake of us all, because we are all human.



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