My Path to Success

Everyone has their own special path

Mine has twist and turns and can lead me to wrath

It was my freshman year in college when I thought I knew what I wanted to do

Until I took a Public Health Class, and that seemed like a career that I could pursue

Promoting health and preventing disease sounded like fun to me

So I went on to declare my major in Public Health, to get a bachelors of Science degree

I cannot wait to become a Public Health Educator, to help people all over the place

With this job, I can influence many people, now this is something I can be proud embrace

I am happy that I have the opportunity to go to school and get my education

I understand this is an opportunity that everyone is granted with in this nation

The cost of tuition, book and room and board can be so expensive

When It comes to time to make these payments I become very apprehensive

Coming from a family of six, with three sisters in college

My motivation is to work my hardest to acquire vast amount of knowledge

Thank you Power Poetry for this opportunity to write down my feelings

This was a great healing mechanism to vent about my life and all its dealings





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