Loyalty and Honesty are harder to find in today's society than a four leaf clover among the greenest of green pastures. Nobody is willing to do right onto others or treat others as they would want others to treat them. Nobody cares about the consequeces of being unloyal or disrespectful to others; it doesnt matter. Only thing that matters is who wins in the end or who has the final say. But what if there was a way to change this?? What if there was a way to get people to start caring about what happens to others and the consequences of their actions. What if we could get people to understand that loyalty and honesty gets you a whole lot further in life and a lot more support than being deceitful. Noone knows what's real anymore; loyalty has to be questioned from everything starting with government down to even education... which is sad because noone knows what to believe in anymore. We are all free to believe what we please, but there still should be some sense of peace in which we all should be able to agree upon no matter what our views may have been built on. Changing our society to focus on building loyalty and honesty and prove the importance of these will dramatically open our eyes to what we have to offer and what the world has to offer us, our children, our childrens childrens, and generations to come...


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