I'm Just A Black A Woman

I'm just a black woman, what more is there to be known?

I don't even have to see your face but the expression of disgust has already shown.

My skin is chocolate, so don't call me dark.

My hair is still good hair even when it's hard to part.

The typical black woman to you has attitude

Nine times out of ten you just feel as we're rude.

In the kitchen you say we belong

But honey I'm singing a different tune to a brand new song.

Your eyes become wide when you see one of us in power

But if doing great hurts you, prepare for your rain shower.

Yes I am a black woman and things are about to change

The outlook you have on my kind will be known as the "Old Days"

Im going to change every little black girl's motto to "YES I CAN!"

I might not be white or even a man.

But I can study law or work with NASA

Don't put nothing pass me cause I too can prosper

Im going to change the outlook on every black woman

For we will the first they call to be in command.

The male species will be working for me

It's about time we have a little bit more equality.

I AM A BLACK WOMAN! And thats all you will know

Cause as soon I step in my demeanor will cry out "I RUN THIS SHOW!"


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