A Start


What would I change?

One can make an assumption:


"He is a socialist

So he must change government"


"He is an atheist

So religion must be altered"


"He is a pacifist

violence shall be no more"


But no, I would not,

In fact, could not do these things.


To do so would require I,

A mere human to modify


Others, until they qualify

With my adaptation.


So my change is a chance,

A start towards understanding.


Change a single day of the year,

Which it is, matters not.


And on that day, have the peoples of the world,

The poor and rich, the young and old, and from all beliefs,


and have them lower their arms and hate,

have them open themselves to love, compassion,


Empathy and simply talk to their Earthly neighbors,

not to change, but to communicate.


For a change that the people do themselves,

That was learned and wanted,


That wasn't the desicion of one man,

No matter how noble that desicion may of been,


Is more worthwhile than any one change,

For it opens the heart to more options.


I ask to change a day to start,

To start many days of many changes. 



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