Sun, 06/08/2014 - 13:16 -- AJay

I would go out on the corners

Handing dollars to the needy

I would give them so much food

They could even be greedy

I'd go to places

Where water droplets are few

And dig a deep well

So they can get clean water like me and you

I'd go to the war zones

With first aid kits and doctors

And fix them all up

So they can live and prosper

I would take all the pollution

In our air, water, and land

And clean it all up

Doing it all by hand

I would take all orphans

And give them a place to stay

So they can experience love

Even if it's just for a day

I would stop senseless killings

By passing out bullet proof suits

At least then theres a chance

Some will live when people shoot

I would make the politicians see

That money isn't happiness

And that good friends and laughter

Can make poor seem less merciless

I would replant trees and bushes

To save an entire nation

Then enforce poaching and gun laws

To make sure they will never ever need saving

If I had the chance to make a change

Whether it was large or small

I would take it and do something great

Because that's what matters to me most of all

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Ajay, I really like the message of the poem. Have you heard of the Team Inspire project on Twitter? If not you should Google it! It is a really important and fun teenage/young adult environmentalist/social change activist group started by the band Emblem3. I like your poem and keep writing!


Thank you so much! I will! :)

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