Sat, 03/22/2014 - 17:58 -- J.Penn


So much beauty everywhere

It is winter melting into spring

The cars, bikes, and trains

Make music outside my city window

It is gray now

Fluctuating between waves of warmth

And bitter, biting cold

There are no leaves on trees, no flowers

And few bright colors light up the world

I don't mind this

The beauty can still be seen

Between the dull gray, deep brown

And the ugly slush from melting snow

The beauty is the powdered snow draped over the bare trees

Rain hitting pavement, gutters, and garbage cans

There is nothing more beautiful than rain

Falling in the pool of a street lamp

Lightning illuminating the sky on starless nights

I wish more people saw this beauty

And heard this music

Of man mixed with nature

The beauty and music that cannot be explained

People only see the bad

Focus on what goes wrong

They get sucked into a vortex of negativity

I'm not claiming to be perfect

I have my moments when I focus on the negative

But, when I'm in my hole

I wish the beauty wouldn't go unnoticed

Just last week I called my mother on my drive home from school

To tell her how beautiful snow on trees is

She had never noticed before.


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