A Change for the Better


United States
26° 45' 43.0416" N, 80° 6' 13.5792" W

One thing about our planet is clear,

Diversity is something we humans hold dear,

We are told to stand out, to never give in,

To follow another would be a great sin,

But somehow there are rules attached to that,

We can’t feel what our ancestors frowned at,

Love is still love and hate, still hate,

But what is right is up for debate,

If I was ever given a chance for change,

I’d wish for something that our elders deemed strange,

Beautiful, unrivaled equality,

Which can bring a new, united society,

Nobody would face persecution for what they believe in,

And not one tear would be shed for the skin they were given,

Instead we’d push aside every insignificant difference,

Opting to breathe in each person’s vast brilliance,

We’d hold hands and frolic in utter delight,

In a world where no one is kept from the light,

I know that it’s possible, if we truly believe,

That we can accomplish what we aim to achieve,

One thing about our dear planet is clear,

Nothing will change if we don’t persevere.


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