When a Family Was a Family

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 18:27 -- TheAud1


When a family was a family,

A whole and binding unit,

When fathers were fathers and mothers were mothers,

A team that stood together for better or worse,

Parents who taught their kids respect,

Who let them know that they, “brought them into this world and could take them out and make more that look just like them.”


When a daddy was the first man to hold his daughter’s heart,

And was his son’s first playmate,

Letting her know that he would be there to catch her should she fall,

And showing her that true beauty is found within the soul,

Guiding the boy through life’s great trials,

Showing by example how to be a man with honor,

Saying to both, “I am proud and love you.”


When a mother was the first teacher her child ever knew,

When obedience and the importance of work was taught,

And tantrums were never rewarded,

When discipline was recognized as love not abuse,

When daughters left the house looking like ladies instead of tramps,

Training her sons in the ways of chivalry,

Letting them know, “You are my sunshine.”


When a table was more than simply a piece of furniture,

But a place for fellowship,

And dinner more than just the final meal,

Rather a classroom within the home,

Where manners and gratitude were daily lessons taught,

A place where time was well spent with those around us,

When the outside world could wait for just an hour.


When childhood years were filled with adventure,

And the coolest kid around was the one with a fort in the backyard,

Cowboys, Indians, pirates, and super spies roamed the neighborhood from dawn till dusk,

Summers were a time of discovery and opportunity,

A chance to mingle hard work with fun,

Learning that you didn’t have to be a grown-up to make a difference,

That big dreams could come in small packages.


When men knew how to be men and not just boys,

When responsibility was something to run towards instead of away from,

Strength was used to serve and not to subdue,

The pursuit of wisdom was considered greater than that of wealth,

Seeing his wife as a treasure more precious than gold,

A life to cherish and protect,

Not use and abuse.


When a woman knew from where her value came,

Drawing attention to the windows of her soul,

And not to her curves or her bust

When wrinkles and gray hair hairs were beauty marks,

That only a well-lived life could give,

When the strength of our words was used to build and to heal,

 Not burn and destroy.


And now the family will not family,

The unit that was once bound is now broken,

Households are run by children,

Respect and wisdom are seen as weakness,

Men would rather stay as young boys,

And women believe their body is their only asset

And you wonder where we went wrong.



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