Before You Speak

If I could change one thing,

Anything about the world,

I would change the way that people speak.


To me, to each other,

To all the freaks.

The broken and weak.

With damaged hearts and too much baggage,

Who pretend to smile,

While wrapping their scars in bandages.


Nothing gives bullies an excuse,

Those victims they corner,

They think they have nothing left to lose.


So they decide to lose it all,

Knowing nothing will ever get better,

Only leaving behind a tear-stained letter.


I want to make the world realize,

These innocent minds,

Who have been dealt hard cards in life,

Go through so much pain and strife,

Those extra sneers and jokes,

That some might think are just friendly pokes,

Can cause a bright star to fall.


So stop and think,

Before you speak,

And end the cruelty once and for all.

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