Succumbing to Society


I am too chubby,

You can see that girl's ribcage,

And she's too normal.


I wear boot-cut jeans,

That one's in booty shorts,

And she only wears skirts.


Society claims

That we are all beauties,

That we are all loved.


Then they go and make

Unrealistic commercials,

Setting the standards.


Setting the standards

For all of society

To attempt to match.


But why do they shame

Each and every woman

For being unique?


Why can't we just be

Who we are and still be loved

Instead of settling?


Instead of settling

For someone else's ideals

About perfection?


We must change the way

The media depicts girls,

The way it hurts us.


We must change the way

That boys are forced to be tough,

And not be gentle.


We must change the way

That we shy from those who are

Brave and confident.


Brave and confident

To challenge the world

And its stubborn views.


We must embrace change,

And originality,

And our uniqueness.


We must strive to be

Accepting and freeing

To all our fellows.


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