Things go wrong
Things will break
Tests will be hard
And you might be late
But don't ever let that bring you down
You might have had a bad day
We all do every now and again
But it doesn't matter how hard you fall
All that matters is how you recover
You could choose to pout
You could choose to be mad
You could choose to cry
You could choose to let it go
You could choose to see the good
Now it is your choice
But just for the record
I would rather let it go
I would rather see the good
To count the blessings
Sure things break
But they can be fixed
And you can learn for next time
Sure the test is hard
But you did your best
And it just means you earned your reward
Sure you might be late
But really that's life
At least you got to go
Don't let anything bring you down
Get up
Keep your head high
And live your life to the fullest
And make it a happy one at tha


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