Change Society (Poetry Slam)

Thu, 04/03/2014 - 19:13 -- gamer23


United States
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United States
37° 27' 10.998" N, 122° 7' 4.1736" W

I would change society because

it blocks reality

and clouds perceptions

with no such warning

or no exceptions

to support the way it does behave.


Society objectifies men and women,

depresses teenagers,

and disheartens those

who have potential.


Society corrupts minds so that people think what they are told,

it corrupts hearts to feel love before it is not true and people grow old,

and corrupts the mighty who want to be royal but are not loyal to the right causes.


Society sparks debates over science and religion and right and wrong,

and it cares not about the welfare of common people or the future or hard work that's



Society at its forefront ignores the sick, suffering, poor and the so-called outcasts,

walking past those who are beseeching loudly and living under a terrible life forecast.

Small voices of few leaders serve for the betterment of others,

but sadly, this is not enough, not for you or me or any other.


Society has its hands on technology twenty-four seven,

it shows photoshopped media everywhere that sells with moral transgression,

it listens to music once too explicit

that's now typical when back then it was criminal,

and it holds no gossip back even if it's an insulting secret;

It cannot keep it.


Society makes people keep trying to be young,

not letting them take a second to make a difference

or believe words that are said across generations with no slip of the tongue.

Words asking for change,

for rivalries to stop,

for love to prevail and hate to be estranged.


I would change society,

but I cannot fix all these problems on my own.

We need to make our world a better place so that our children can look to the past,

see the paths we did not walk down,

see the habits we did not condone,

and see the lives we tried to bring around,

around towards the great society we imagine that can and will last. 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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