A Girl Named BEAUTY


Who is this girl we call Beauty?

Where can she be found?

What does she look like?

And what is her sound?


If I could change the world,

I would introduce every single girl I know, to this beautiful girl named Beauty.


We live in a world where Beauty is defined by her appearance and not her intelligence.

We live in a world that says Beauty is unable to do the unthinkable.

We live in a world that says Beauty is a fool.


But Beauty is not a fool.

Nor is she mean or cruel.


She is formed by the way she thinks, speaks, and does.

She lacks perfction, yet embraces all of her imperfections.

She weeps, and she also laughs.


The Man above all created this girl Beauty, to be bold and brilliant.

Which is why she stands so tall.

He created Beauty to be a friend to us all.


Beauty is not judged by her hair, or what she wears.

Beauty is not judged by the ammount of money in her account.

Beauty is inside of our hearts.


Now is your time to disover your inner Beauty.

Beacuse this girl named Beauty, is really You!


You are Beautiful!








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