There are things I'd change,

I have an entire list,

Clear the scars from the wrist of those who lost hope,

Give them a reason to get off the chair and untie the rope,

But I realized you can't fix a problem like that so easily,

You can't make hope rise out of an abyss of agony,

So I followed the trail of the depression found inside of me,

Deep meditation and fasting to unfold the lotus flower of insanity,

And I came to a realization that all of this pain,

The tears flowing down these faces like a salty rain,

It isn't from the anger,

It isn't from the lonliness,

It's from the fear.

The fear.

The fear is what we have to change.

The fear of no love.

The fear of nothing up above.

The fear of never being good enough. 

The fear of not being able to be tough for the ones we love.

We need to realize we don't have much control

And life isn't a race, it's a stroll,

If we can change our mindset to forget these fears,

We will forever have glory years. 








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