Art as Therapy


To study a subject that brings me grief

Stirs up a loathing brews like soup.

Filled with great passion and heat

My mind has changed for good, for art!

No job that works me like a slave

with no heart.


With this mentality, I dare to dream

about a vision bigger and better than myself.

I dare to depart from the norm,

though the asking price is steep.


Reaching out 

I want to teach people how

To write

Inspite of circumstances not right.

To create and innovate

in a state that is untame.

To think beyond the spond

of the interest pond.

To feel something so real

in a field that is abstract, not mundane.


Through artistic means, I want people to say

"I have found peace, I can now feel relief."

Through disciplining myself in school, I want to say

"I am certified to help people in need."

Throughout life, I want to look back

and know that I made a difference in someone life 

that is long lasting.


My testimony will lie in my career as an Art Therapist.




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