At war with (YOU)nity


In dedication to mankind and our search for ourselves and peace


Enemy to my own identity I shared the fears and pain of those who share this color that runs in my veins  

I am but Africana by culture and skin yet human by race and association of kin

The hate of this texture bound by only mis-education and the delusion of a false integrity cast upon me

From shadows of the looming strange fruit and the degradation of media’s implications

I am not just me

Perhaps my words are empty

I embody the words of kin who lack a voice, remain silent, or unpleasantly booms

Perhaps my voice is unsupported

I have yet to conform to shackles carved into our minds and spirits

Perhaps our unity as a whole is but a far off dream

Torn by class and color, party and piety

We internalized these factions that twist the hierarchy of needs, separate

Alone with a solitude disguised as disparity

Thoughts have come to claim the voice we share

Physical separation, without spiritual connection

With enmity by ignorance we have sought substantial bliss

The change to come is from within not above and about

Follow from heart to truth

For our eyes my lie but our volition for unity wont


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