If I had the power,

All the power in the world

I’d change the fact that it is so hard

For me to get an education.

Between the teachers that have given up on me,

And the students around me

Who have now given up too

It is almost a miracle that I learn anything at all.

I’d change the fact that I stay up all night

And that I work so hard

Only to get a participation grade

Because everyone else said it was too difficult.

I would make sure that the eight hours

That high school students spent in class

Were actually worth something,

So that they could be confident out at a university.

So they would be able to believe it when they say,

“I can do this.”

Because I can do this.

I can learn anything,

Be anything,

Do anything.

But I can’t do it unless someone lets me.

I can’t do this until people stop telling me

That I’ll never be able to.

Because that is a lie.

And that needs to change.


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