Trapped on the Inside Looking out

There is a person that is trapped in my body that is trying to escape but is being suffocated by the endless weight.

The mirror is my enemy that snickers back at me and reveals my flaws,

my ugly face with the mound of acne and acne scars,

the mile long stretch marks that encase my arms and my protruding stomach.  

The person on the inside feels skinny and has loads of confidence and is athletic.

The person on the inside hates seeing or hearing the person on the outside,

 because that outside person sounds and looks terrible doing anything.

It’s not the person on the outside’s fault because the inside person has been filled with corrupt thoughts on how a person should look or act from the media.

The media needs to stop setting high standards for the outside person to achieve ,

because the inside person will never be happy.

Everyone should embrace there outside person.


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