I Want to Change the Way You See Yourself


I want to change the way you see yourself.

All you do is critize yourself.

You call your body ugly and fat.

You even allow others to turn you into a doormat.

You hate your hair when its straight, you hate it when its curly.

You are your own bully.

Instead of focusing on following your dreams.

You always strive to be the photoshopped girl in a magazine.

You use the harsh chemicals they sell.

To look like the media's form of beautiful.

You pluck every hair and hide every scar.

That you don't recognize yourself when you look in the mirror.

Everyday you say to yourself you are plain and dull.

You never believe anyone when they say you're beautiful.

I want you to see a truth.

That you should love who you are instead of searching for the fountain of youth.


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