One word with two syllables that make people truly ugly

It makes us ugly because it makes us separate from one another

It makes us judge each other and makes one feel less of themselves

Women and men walk around feelin ashamed of themselves because of society says one is better over thee other

Hatred made dark skin hated for many years all the way back to our ancestry but now is finally accepted by some as beauty

Hatred created slavery because dark skin was seen as animals and not humans, concentration camps because Jews were hated by Nazis, Jim crow laws because whites didn’t want to be with the blacks , wars because disagreements, etc. but it seems like we forget because hatred still exists

This word has taken many innocent lives because now people put glocks to head and chest and pulls triggers without thinking twice because they had hatred surrounding their hearts

Hatred created the words Bitch, Nigga(nigger), Hoe, Thot, Cracker and etc. just to hurt one another emotionally

Hatred has destroyed the word beauty because now society thinks skinny, light skin and tall is true beauty but in reality being yourself is the true beauty

Hatred has created the mindset that we need to sculptor ourselves into something were not just to be loved and not hated

This two syllable word have been in exist for many years so it carries much history

But we fail to realize this word shaped many beliefs and covers many truths

This word leaves bruises and pain on women who get beat by someone they call lover because they did something there significant other hated or they did not come upon an agreement.

Hatred causes pain, lies, abuse, rape, bullying, fights and etc upon others

This word is like a hypno because it makes us black out and lose ourselves to do things we know that would hurt others

Girls looking in mirrors trying to love what they see but they can't because society say overweight is not beautiful

Guys working out every day because society says toner is better

So they hate themselves because others fail to love what they see of them

Girls and guys fighting one another and killing one another over dumb things that could have been talked out but instead the hate made them think other wise

As you see hatred is very ugly and needs to go away

The only way it can go away is if we finally come together to love one another for what's on the inside and out

So let's get rid of it together


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