Color Blind

I work harder

As I ponder the future

How sad it will be

Unless we learn

How to be

Happy in our 



I wipe my brow 

Sweating like crazy

My face seems to be

Set in a permanent scowl


If only I could change somethting


Just one tiny little thing in 

This world


I would change 

How my people

Seem to think 

They can't do better


I pour my soul into 

Everything I do

Yet I see people 

Only giving 10%


They let the 

Belief that their skin 

Is a barrier holding 

Them back


I want to change how 

They see themselves

Show the that the world 

Isn't color blind


Change how we have 

So called factions

Based on the gradient

Of our skin hue


If we will be divided 

Let it be against those

Putting poisonous lies

Into our heads


Telling us the lighter

Our skin

The better we 

Will be treated

By society


So now I hope

For a change in 

Our attitude to

One another


To stop the poison

From spreading 

To our younger



I stop

I look

And I see 

All the work

Was for not 

For nothing


My art is done

And I will entitle it



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