Broken Images


Half naked women, dancing on TV screens.
Magazine covers with girls not-so-modestly dressed.
                mocking these images all become a test
                to the girls of our world.


Little eyes of innocence stare up at these images.
Their once pure minds now polluted.
                & soon as they witness society,
                the voices can never be muted.


They remain as a stain.
Marked on the hearts.
The insecurities aren’t easy to break apart.

Voices taunting them,
telling them that their image must turn into this image.
That their bodies aren’t exposed enough.
                & to ever be wanted by a man,
                they must let go of their morals of being a lady.


But you see,                                                                                                                               
This society we’ve created isn’t only affecting the ladies,
It’s twisting the minds of our brothers.
All they see is skin.
Even on the portrait of their mothers.


Because, girls, when we don’t respect ourselves,
how can we expect a man to?
when we act & dress like sex symbols,
treating us like one is all they will know how to do.


When God created us,
he stated that our bodies were a temple: sacred & holy.
not something to be thrown around & given away quickly,
but slowly.


Ladies, we were made to be respected & loved,
not just lusted over & treated as objects.
We’re all so young, we have so much life to live
So why are you even concerned about sex?


When we were crafted by our father,
he didn’t just make us a body… no, we’re not just a shell.
he gave us a spirit.


Just  taste my thoughts.
                soak this in
                I need you to really hear it.


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