There once was a girl


There once was a girl who played piano until her fingers bled

Until the crimson blood mixed in between the black and white keys

Now I'm not native but I'll speak for the trees

The white males have oppressed for too long

But it was my women that bred them to their infamy

Fuck that "feminism is for white women" bullshit

My feminism will be intersectional inter-inclusive and include all colors of the LGBTQ rainbow

You bet your ass I'll have a spot for every person at my table

Lady Liberty wants your huddled masses of poor and tired

But I want your gender queer, your trans*, and your people of color

I'll invite your neglected to the table of feminists all around

They can have my seat as I'll try to paint a picture

Of what we need to see

I am white, this I can't change

I am lucky enough to be born in the body that I own

My sexuality is more accepted than most

But I am also human

And for humans I will fight

I will make reparations for my fathers and brothers and sisters 

And myself

I will use my privilege the world has handed me

I will tear down the walls of the whitewashed feminst approach

We can embrace and shine in our differences 

But we can not lose sight of what is the true goal:

Peace On Earth For All Humanity.


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