Young Friend (My Past ,Your Future)


Hello my young friend

It's good to see you again

I would like to you talk about

your inner being within

You see breath goes in

and breath goes out

To be heard by many

Doesn't not mean you shout

Actions speak louder

than words themself

All the money in the world

does measure true wealth

Beauty is fleeting

meaning one day it will fade

so appreaciate the core

And give thanks for every day

Mistakes do occur

but please from these things

because insanity is simply

hoping for different, but doing the same

Struggle will happen

Don't think it will be easy

Be careful what you listen to

and what you watch on the T.V.

Have a plan for life

but learn how to flex

the future is unknown

so dont worry about whats next

I give you this advice

hoping your brighter days may last

From one to another

I'm speaking from my past


-Keven Ulrich





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