Smartphones need to Change


Good when it comes to emergencies and talking to your friends,

Bad when it consumes everyone’s attention.

At lunch it seems everybody is looking down

At their phone, and not up at the faces

Of their friends.

Smartphones need to change.

It needs to stop taking everyone’s time.

There are more important things in life.

Like actually talking


Not finger-to-finger.

People could actually learn something

If they looked up. If they stopped texting,

“Tweeting”, “Instagramming”.

Smartphones are making everyone more


People are taking pictures of themselves

And sending it to people, trying to make their

Lives look better than everyone else.

Trying to make them look

Hotter, richer,

Sexier than their peers.

Smartphones need to change and 

Stop making others feel terrible about

Themselves because they see

On their phones that they don’t have

The same things as others.


You know whose lives really are better?

Those who don’t care that much about

Their phones. These people are the leaders who

Have the courage to meet new people and

Shake their hands. Not sending a

message with no meaning to a person.

People need to care about what is currently happening

And not care what happened yesterday on

A social media site.

Smartphones need to stop taking away

People’s ability to communicate on a personal level.

If smartphones don’t change and they

Continue to take over everyone’s lives,

People will stop getting the social skills they need

To survive in the world.


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