My Generation


"You're just a kid." "You will understand when you're older." "You're niave, immature, and haven't experienced enough of life." "I'm older and therefore, I'm right." 

Words of doubt thrown out about me. Respect your elders, yet they don't respect me or least  not what my voice is saying. I am suppose to be the future. I am suppose to be the innovator, the path finder, the next generation. I am suppose to be an improvement. 

Instead, I am choked with the old. The words telling me I can't; I must wait until my passion, courage, wonder have suffocated in the choke hold of other's opinions. I am being pulled into a direction that replicates those before me. Everyone around shaking their heads in doubt. 

My generation just doesn't get it. We are shameful and don't have a chance. It doesn't matter that it is my generation who have campaigned and fought for change. From campaigning for the new political forces, to a 16 year old pakistani girl standing up for the right to education. It doesn't matter the countless charities my generation has started: Volunteen Nation, Joshua's Heart, Kids Caring 4 Kids, and so much more. It doesn't matter that we are making break throughs in science. It doesn't matter that our creativity, when given the chance, astounds and rivals those of the older, past generation before us. 

My generation has it easy. My generation is bad. My generation hasn't been given the chance to prove ourselves anything other than what others expect. My generation has potiential to be great and to be amazing. Give my generation a chance. Give my generation the enviorment to succeed. Give my generation your optimism. 

My generation will take action to improve the world around us, if your generation will except and embrace my generation. 


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