A Featherless Bird

How was I supposed to know it was so bad to be educated and black?

Do I really intimidate you to the point of you trying to hold me back?

All I've tried to do was make something out of $5 and a dream,

If you were in my shoes you'd know how hard life really seems,

See, I've tried my best not to disappoint those who've created for me this path,

But somehow, I still can't do this math,

Its all because you're standing in the way of what I'm trying to do,

As if I did something that inflicted harm on you,


My heart aches for you, and that's the truth,

But I don't deserve the hurt you're putting me through,

I wish you could just let me be free,

Let me latch onto opportunities opened to me,

What's life with no adventure, I do not know,

If I cannot explore, I will not grow,

I'm stuck on the ground like a featherless bird,

Let me spread my wings, I just want To Be Heard

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