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Continuously, they seem to tell

"The field you dream of won't treat you well"

But this is my dream so I will not comply

To their incomprehensible cries. 

Interminably I've heard,

But someday they will eat their words

Artistically, I am inclined

Psychology, a study of the mind

And I want them both combined.

The pay? The Pay

Money has a way

of corruption, of tearing apart everything

In it's way.

For it keeps these dreams from coming alive,

No.. It's not a dead end job if you feel alive.

So much in my life has made me realize

Letting people express themselves is the real prize

Whether it's a listening ear, 

Or an open heart 

It can keep fragile things from falling apart

For all I desire is the ability to give

Others a new start,

And a way to express the difficult things

Through which they must live

I want to use

All this love I have to give.


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