Forward and Backward


White blackboards compete with

Digital reincarnations of

Dinosaur projectors, massive

Light-producing species of the past.


The screech of chalks gives way

To the smooth indentation of the digital pen,

White powdery air gives way to

Dusty and filtered air.


The Hadron collider destroys to create,

MLA 6 gives way to 7,

Ukraine, Crimea, and Russia ignite tension,

And yet technology moves while methods lie still.


Polls close with lower turnouts,

English diversity stagnates,

Credit spending increases while

businesses lie dormant.


The population of sheep inflates while

The individual signs its epitaph.

Square pegs suddenly fit in circular holes

And information is forced, not found.


Aristotle and Archimedes roll in their graves

As the logical analysis of the past fades

And “education” gives way

To memorization without realization


Thoughtlessness engulfs society

As a tidal wave engulfs the shore,

Sweeping away all traces of diversity,

Leaving a smooth, impressionable surface.


The minds of the future absorb

The thoughts of the past

But do not process them;

Instead they are packaged and recycled.


Degradation. Crime. Poverty.

It is not the corporation

It is the government and

A teaching system that no longer teaches.


The reign of intelligence and analysis comes to an end

Only to be replaced by a parrot.

A recorder that only plays back

Herds of useless facts and trivia.


Change the rankings

Change the system

Change the education that pollutes

Our minds with useless information


Create a society of logic

A society of reason,

End the needless ignorance

Through true education


Advance our knowledge while we advance our machines.

Our technology,

Our Medicine,



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