The Perfect Universe

What would I change? Now that's a good question. Let's start with college; it's way too expensive and the amount of debt it causes is CRAZY. I mean if it is so important, don't you think it should be affordable? I would lower tuition so, everyone can attend and not worry about how to pay all the expenses. Second, I want to change poverty. Everyone should have a home to live in and food to eat every night. There shouldn't be people living on the street and fighting to survive everyday. Speaking of fighting, I want to end violence. We have to preserve the human race not destroy it. We don't have to sit around a fire and sing, but we should at least be friendly and show respect. You can't even take out the garbage now without possibly being shot. I would be scared to even leave the house or sleep for that matter because of all the chaos. Peace and love everybody; what happened to that or did we just throw it out the window. I want to change the government too. I mean there's some good parts to it now. But the all the corruption and some governments taking the people' s money and using it on themselves. That all has to stop; they should work to better the economy and the people. The education system needs a change. Kids should be learning, you know, how to get a job and a career, support themselves, who they want to be. Today, some kids don't know a thing and they fly from grade to grade. People have stopped caring and it's just sad. I just want the world to be a better place. Where everyone is treated equally and they can feel safe. They can feel happy instead of scared or angry. There are no worries, and you can be yourself without feeling judged. That's what I would change. How about you?


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