The Two Finger Diet


Don’t eat,

don’t starve

don’t die


What is pretty?


A man might tell you its a woman who’s confident

but hes lying


he knows what pretty is, he has her picture painted in his mind

and you my dear are not it


Don’t touch that fork,

don’t even think about a snack

exercise, no one uses that


Skip a couple more meals, sleep a little less,

maybe this is really what he meant


But keep it a secret,

you can’t let anyone know

sometimes you slip a little


Two fingers down the throat,

run the water so no one can hear you cry

its our little secret just you and I


Forget about lunch,

you don't need the carbs


THe girls will tell you,

you look great,

but have they seen your plate


Smile tell them its a new diet and its all the craze

they wonder and watch,

thinking you're great


Maybe someone close will learn your tricks

they'll see right through you and tell you its wrong

but how can it be wrong when you look this good


Maybe you shake,

and you can’t maintain a body temperature

and your clothes don't fit.


Maybe, you become obsessed

with the idea of thin


Who cares its your body anyways;


I care, a writer a speaker a friend

dont be pretty be beautiful instead


Beauty is nothing that can be measured by skin

its a radince that can only come from within


3 years ago i put down the plate

ran to the bathroom and splashed water on my face


Fat the kids would snicker and sneer

but id give them something to look at


I was only about 150 pounds back then,

didn't matter the girls who told me i was obese.


What did matter was the severe lack of sleep

i knew i needed a change a new beginning a new root


I tried the fitness, the diets and more

but the two finger method worked better than before


I looked great, my clothes a bit loose,

the boys lusted and wanted something they thought was new


I was pretty, i was an item of an eye

but i was frail and dying deep inside


My heart was weak, and my voice would shake

i wouldn't even dare think about food


I want to be beautiful,

That’s something i'm not


To be pretty means nothing,

Ignore the kids who call you fat

They’ll make you regret your choices later on

Id rather have weight than scars on scars


Walk away, keep your chin up,

you have something glowing, something they do not.


Br your own idol your own safe

dont go looking for it in some other place

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