Our Hearts Are Our Own

Injustice, idealized by the ideals of the prejudiced and intolerant

Immoral ,decided by the morally correct

Law, created by those who hold hatred to any soul

Whose choices have strayed from the path deemed right

Shameful, that is what these ideas are.


Who are we? Who are the lawmakers?

Who are we to define love?

Humans are not puppets, to be strung up and played by skilled hands

We all have  the power of choice

We all have the right to choose who to love


Change; it is as inevitable as the sunrise

Indomitable as the waves crashing on the shore

Change, it is coming, coming like a stampede of bulls

A stampede no man dares to stop

For this stampede of raw power and endurance is love


Love is persistent

Love is compassionate

Love does not judge, does not hold bigotry

Love is tolerance; respect

No amount of paper can prevent whispering "I love you."


No one can force us not to love another

No one can make us change our hearts

For they are our own, and no one can claim them

And we alone hold the right to choose

Who has the priviledge of stealing our hearts.


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