Shackles Chained by Education

What would I change if anything?
How about the price of education.
This country is built on freedom.
But how free are we really if the shackles of student debt are locked tight for years?

They say to get an education.
To make you marketable, to make you well rounded.
They don't tell you that you spend twice the amount it took to get that education
to pay it off.

We are penalizing ourselves for yearning to learn.
Subtly discouraging those hopeful of an education,
Merely because they cannot get the proper funding to do so.

And so here we sit.
Wedged between seeking knowledge and experiencing hardship.
Between opportunity and the struggle this opportunity of education realistically presents.

What about a world where education has no cost.
Where it doesn't cost you a dollar to broaden your mind
Where freedom from finanical burdens of seeking to better yourself 
actually exist.
Where you could learn until your heart was content,
Fill your brain with as much knowledge as it will hold,
PURSUE those dreams you've had your whole life because it won't put you thousands of dollars in debt to do so.

Now that my friends, is a change to be made.
that, my friends, is change that could save
the brains of our future, 
mistakes of our past,
and provide knowledge that's sure to last.


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