Beauty and the Beast Unmasked


This brown eyed and long-haired girl is beautiful..

Everyone, her whole life, reminded her of her beauty..

Her heart filled with graciousness,

Protected and kept righteous by all her morals.

Good grades, straight teeth, smooth skin, and a beauty mole…

All that they see is perfection in her eyes…

Not caring of what is behind her skin.

All they know is that she is beauty itself,

Her face intimidates the weak, and they fear her…

Before she even speaks her name,

They gawk and mock her posture and politeness,

Poking fun at what they themselves wish they could be.

For every corner she turned, a girl glared and a guy whistled.

No matter what anger she felt,

They didn’t care…

They see Miss Pretty Girl and feel great insecurity.

She is criticized before making a statement.

She is judged before having committed an act.

In their eyes, those words of her’s and the life she lives doesn’t matter.

Many of her friends betray her, Amongst the few that are loyal.

They snicker and bite at the call of her name,

Bleakly trashing all of her frame.

No, rather this shell covering her from the outside.

They point and stare and blame her for it,

No matter the cause or how it happened.

How foolish these ignorant people are,

To believe that beauty is axiomatically equal to happiness,

Or that beauty itself represents destruction for them.

How rotten jealousy is that it pins women against each other,

While men sit back and watch the show… Laughing at us in dis-bandment.

Why are we humans so malicious toward one another? 

Do we, them, or they thrive off of such profound wickedness?

Do they hope that Miss Pretty Girl will grow any uglier from the snarling and grinding motives of their selfish jealousy?

If only they knew what Miss Pretty Girl has witnessed,

Miss Pretty Girl grew up without a father and has had trouble trusting men.

She was cheated and manipulated..

By many of her friends.

Miss Pretty Girl was held back in 1st Grade,

And forced to feel the shame of being teased and called stupid and dumb.

Miss Pretty Girl almost died before reaching two year's old,

Because she had a dire health defect.

She tried to be friendly, despite having social anxieties?

She tried to make conversation, but no one would listen.

All for what?

Because she was Miss Pretty Girl.

This beauty has been both a blessing and curse for this girl,

Something that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life.

Because the root of all evil lies within The Jealous.

The jealousy of those, Whom fear Calmness in the Waters of Life.



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