What is change?

Change is where you won't get dirty looks about your race                                                                       Change is not getting judge on your beliefs                                                                                                       Change isn't just the money you get back from a store,                                                                                    But it's the difference you can make in the world.

Change is time, racing against your every move,                                                                                               Change is patient, waiting on you to catch up                                                                                                     Change is relief in your soul, knowing your on the right path                                                                           Chage isn't the dark past, it's a bright future that awaits you  

What would I change?

I'd change the way people gave looks to humans who are a differnet color,                                               I'd change how people are treated about their beliefs                                                                                     I'd change what actions people do towards one another                                                                                 I'd change the violent vibes into happy harmonies

Everyone should be treated equal, because no one is perfect

Change to me is being able to make a difference not only in the world, but in the way people think


Need to talk?

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