Thu, 04/03/2014 - 14:32 -- mpavlou


Acceptance is not submission.

It’s not a provision for idleness.

It’s not a justification for regression.

It’s the potential for improvement.

We battle on fields of death

For our beliefs,

For our judgments,

For our interpretations

On what’s right or wrong,

On what constitutes someone

As a human,

As an animal,

As a superior being,

As garbage.

But stop.

For one moment.

Erase those preconceived notions

Of what is true,

Because for as long as you refuse                      

To listen,

To understand,

To accept,

There is no future

Free of violence,

Free of corruption,

Free of fury.

Because when we thirst

For power,

For winning,

For being right,

We dissolve all hope

Of safety,

Of reconciliation,

Of a prospective universe overflowing with a joy that cannot be contained, that cannot be hidden in the souls of mankind, that, instead, infects everything and everyone around them, spreading a disease that cures our ignorance.

Empower the idea

Of contentment.

Forget the sensation

Of superiority.

Allow mutual acceptance.

Let it envelop your mind.

Because if we all embrace acceptance,

There would be nothing holding us back. 


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