Unwanted babies
Unwanted stress
Unwanted expenses
Unwanted scars

She was a vitim
A victim of having her prity stripped from her
Kicks, screams and lost dreams 
Could only explain the anguish expressed 
That no one ever heard

1 in 5
She was a part of that 1 in 5
The time it took for her to face the fact that she was that 1 in 5
will always remain countless
mental distress, painful memories, constant flashbacks
make them stop she pleaded

She could now never trust another man 
He touched her in a way that a feline would water
She happened not to be the only victim of this unwanted touch

Let new beginnings ring in the minds of the bruised and scarred
A deep sigh of release in the soul

She is no longer a victim
She did not let this brand her 
She used this as motivation to be a better person
She aspired to encourage others and bring awareness to her situation
She became a woman
She was me

If change where in my hands
young girls could walk their living
without being threatened by the sick nature of rape
Live your dream and reamain strong.


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