You are Beautiful


You are beautiful. 
Do you believe it?
Do you hear it enough?
Probably not. 

Because since you were born,
Society’s told you,
“You’re below the bar.
You didn’t make par.
You’ll never be a star.
You’re worthless.”


Since you were born,
Society’s told you,
“You’re worth is on the outside.
Access has been denied.”
They don’t care that they’ve lied
because they think you’re worthless. 


Since you were born, 
Society’s told you,
“You’re ugly without this.
You’re fat without that.
You’re worthless.”


They make money off your insecurities.
They tell you you’re fat, they sell you diets. 

They tell you you’re ugly, they sell you makeup.
Wake up!


You are beautiful.


You were made in the image of God. 
That may sound cliche but I pray that you’ll stay
And listen to His words about your beauty. 


You were molded, created, chosen to be you. 
You weren’t made to be the girl down the street.
You weren’t made to be the people you meet.
You were made unique and complete.
Let me repeat,
You are beautiful.

If I could change one thing, 
I'd show you yourself. 
Not the number on the scale, 
Not the person in this jail
That society has put you in. 

If I could change one thing
I'd show you your beauty. 
Not the one in the mirror,
I wish it was clearer
So that you could see your worth. 

Since your birth,
You've been told that you're worthless. 
I'm telling you that's not true. 
If I could change one thing, 
If only one thing, 
I'd show you the true you. 



This is very true <3


Thank you! 


very nice. thank you for voicing the good spirit and the will of God. no one is made to be like another but themselves. thank you


Thank you!  I'm so glad that my intentions are coming across well. We are all children of God and made beautiful in His image!


So touching :)


Thank you! 


This is very good and encouraging !


Thank you! 


That was trully beautiful. I can hear it performed on a stage. Those are words that I think everyone needs to hear.


Thank you! Hopefully one day it can be performed. After the scholarship notifications go out, I think I will make a video for this poem! 


Thank you, everyone, for such uplifting comments. These are words that I feel everyone should hear and it feels great that these words are being well-received! 



...Win.  Epic Win~!


Thank you! 


I have never really even realized this on how beautiful I am till I read this. Thank you for writing this Emily! :)


You are wonderful! I hope that knowledge never leaves you! 
I've struggled with self-image for so many years that it feels wonderful to know that others are hearing their true beauty through my own personal realization. 
You're awesome! Thank you!




Speak the truth. It's nice to meet one of my Christian siblings who are out there changing the world by first changing the way people think about themselves. Like your attitude and poem. Keep writing on my friend. 


Thank you for your encouraging words! I appreciate it so much!


This poem is amazing. I think it will boost up many girls spirits. Honestly, I still find myself ugly and fat. I know my self esteem is really low. Read my poems and tell me what you think. My secret has a pic of me on it. But I hope you like the poems :)




Thank you! 

Julia Claire

Beautiful poem that provides raw emotion. I read it to myself and as I had I got Goosebumps from the words you wrote. Keep it up.


I'm glad the poem impacted you in that way. I love how powerful words can be! Thank you so much!


This is an amazing poem on free will. I love the reference towards make up. I am pretty much sick of it.


Now, I will admit I wear make-up on occassion, however I've learned to be much more comfortable with myself without wearing it on a daily basis. Every day I move a little closer to being make-up free! 
Thank you for your encouragment! 


Love this. That's all. <3 Oh, and you are beautiful too. 


Thank you! (And thank you!) :)

Aaron Ace Cook

very good


Thank you! 


*Hand Clap* This IS AMAZING !!!!!!


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