Please Don't Judge Me


It’s too much.

The drama, the bullying, the constant judging

I can’t stay because I don’t want to be a victim of those things

You see,

I’m pregnant

I can’t handle the pointing, the laughing, and the comments

“Wow look at her stomach” and “Who’s the father?”

It’s none of their business

So I dropped out of school

To avoid the questions

Maybe if I knew that I wouldn’t be bullied,

I would have stayed in school

Please stop the bullying so that I can get an education

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I wrote this poem because the fact that some high school students drop out of school when they are pregnant because they don't want to be bullied is very sad. It puts their education and social world in jeopardy. Bullying needs to stop because it affects people differently and can cause immense amounts of pain.

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