Running to You


Sometimes, the world gets so powerful

It's like standing on the edge of the ocean during high tide

And getting swept into the dark abyss of sin right before your eyes

Caught and tangled in the lies of this Earth

Ignoring the call you sent for me on the day of my birth

Packing my bags and leaving the safety of Your Home

Forgetting just how cold this life can get and only realizing when I'm stuck outside, damaged and alone

The enemy in my ears, screaming lies until his face turns blue

Corrupting my mind and distorting the truth

And though I'm far gone and I'm just trying to find the home I once knew

I will dig deep into my spirit and fight on through 

And like a track star after a gold medal I am running to you

I didn't even see how far I had gotten until I stepped clear into black 

Beaten close to death, disturbed by the facts that there was no one to blame but for the situation I was in

Especially since I can blame no other man but myself for my sins

However, your word says that nothing can separate me from your unconditional love

And nothing that I attempt to repay for Your sacrifice will ever be enough

But I will do my best to do as Your word says 

And prove that I love You by keeping Your commandments

I am nothing more than a sinner saved seventy times over by grace

I've been spiritually corrupted but I am still searching for your face

I don't want to miss my blessing nor foolishly lose my place

So please renew my heart, spirit, and change me inside and out

Because it's my Father's business that I'm trying to be about

Forgive me for getting lost and going completely insane

Lord, please restore my mind and loose me of every chain

Through your stripes I am healed and as long as I rest in you the truth will revealed

Wherever you travel I will go

Your path I will follow 

I choose life, not death and out of my belly rivers shall flow 

For you sacrifce I am thankful and happy to be saved

I am proud to be a part of a holy family and I now know my name

You fixed me and made anew

So I vow to share my testimony and all I have been through 

I promise to encourage all who lost to start running


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